was a little girl, in a little house
with a little nose, in a little blouse
with a tiny mind, in a tiny town
with a tiny job, making tiny count
with so little time, and so little life
all these little things slit by little knife
was a tiny girl, in a tiny house
with a tiny nose, in a tiny blouse

this all means so much to me
this is all too much for me
this is caged and can’t break free
this is manged and stray and green

i’m a tiny mouse, with tiny problems abound
with tiny tools to fix up my tiny house
with a miniature wrench, and a miniature smile
set of miniature teeth that glow for miniature miles
there’s so little to do, so little stress of mind
‘cept for that little girl who has so little time
the microscopic dust, microscopic life
is microscopic love, microscopic trite

this don’t mean too much to me
this is not enough for me
this is strong and just broke free
this is safe and calm as can be

don’t know who you want to be
can’t say what you want to see
struck with insecurity
freshness of the mind to be

listing things to bottomfeed
listing things sucks energy
rather list my lists to be
this world has nothing for me


from Your Flaming Smile Turns Brown Days Pink, released January 20, 2017



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Artificial Love Toronto, Ontario

liz is trans and makes music

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