our romance is aged in, our romance is cracked and worn
our romance is a prized possession in an antique store
i didn't really have to fight, you really didn't want me to
the only thing i did was click with you, and now

i just got home and realized i haven't seen you yet
we both rushed out this morning to not be late to work
we usually have lunch together, but our plans both got fucked up
and now i'm standing in the foyer ready to kiss you, and take off your shoes

i'm stuck here without you, and i'm a mess
i don't know why i'm not used to this already
it's the middle of january and it's bitter cold outside
this type of weather really gets to you

had to scrape the car windows this morning, that's why we rushed
you let me have one kiss before we had to go
i swear my lips got stuck to yours like a metal pole
i turned off the heat and drove away

you just got home and we kissed like usual
we hung out and talked about what to do for dinner
"fuck going out again, i already changed my pants"
"i really, really want to cook for you tonight"


from Your Flaming Smile Turns Brown Days Pink, released January 20, 2017



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Artificial Love Toronto, Ontario

liz is trans and makes music

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