you think you're lovely, but you don't know
you don't know what you put me through
you barely know me

i can't fathom how i manage
i'd tape your mouth shut and go to bed
but that's not nice of me

under the mountains, down in the caves
under the muddy waters splashed away
there are my ancient relic bones
caught under heavy restraining blows
you blow me away

overloaded, shorted out
i cannot speak, i’m full of doubt
but don’t you doubt me

papers fly off the ninth floor
majesty i’ve never seen before
a contract over

i’ll be dead when i do away with you
i’ll kill myself and kill you too
you’ll be in heaven and i’ll be in hell
there is no difference far as i can tell
leave me be

i hope you get tied to the tracks
and two incoming trains collide
i hope you get drugged into a coma
and they bury you alive
i hope you die


from Your Flaming Smile Turns Brown Days Pink, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Artificial Love Toronto, Ontario

liz is trans and makes music

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