Your Flaming Smile Turns Brown Days Pink

by Artificial Love

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kim1919 thumbnail
kim1919 Very hard to just pick one favorite track...I like them all! Absolutely fantastic album. Favorite track: Tornado Warning.
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suelizkim Good lyrics and music. Favorite track: Beauty As A Sliding Scale.
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An album by Elizabeth Courtemanche

© 2017 Lipstick Attack! Records


released January 20, 2017

Tyler Groves - trumpet on track 1, french horn on track 7
Wesley Welch - flute on track 1
Ashley Killins - clarinet on track 7
Lisa Hoang - additional vocals on tracks 1 and 7
Elizabeth Courtemanche - everything else



all rights reserved


Artificial Love Toronto, Ontario

liz is trans and makes music

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Track Name: (casually dropping off the face of the earth)
been waiting so long
for you to come out and play
so fire away

been waiting too long
it feels just like centuries
you're so far away

i can feel you near me
but you can't see or hear me
please don't you be worried
i'm right here by your side

been waiting for you
my very own "her majesty"
not today

been waiting out here
alone in a wide open space
far away

i can feel you near me
but you can't see or hear me
i can't take it anymore
i'm gone
Track Name: Drinking Blood
i'm like a wine taster, but so much more
i love horror movies with lots of gore
give me a lifetime supply, and i'll be forever yours
the thing is you will never find it in any stores

i love drinking blood, i can't get enough
am i going insane, or are we all the same?

completely anti-social, 'cept for my closest friends
those are the people who let me take extra sips
it's a condition and you'll never understand why
it has to do with already being "dead inside"

i love drinking blood, i can't get enough
am i going insane, or are we all the same?
i love the taste of blood, and i can't give it up
is this all in my head, or is it all a game?

i love drinking blood, i can't get enough
am i going insane, or are we all the same?
i love the taste of blood, and i can't give it up
is this all in my head, or is it all a game?
Track Name: Schedules
our romance is aged in, our romance is cracked and worn
our romance is a prized possession in an antique store
i didn't really have to fight, you really didn't want me to
the only thing i did was click with you, and now

i just got home and realized i haven't seen you yet
we both rushed out this morning to not be late to work
we usually have lunch together, but our plans both got fucked up
and now i'm standing in the foyer ready to kiss you, and take off your shoes

i'm stuck here without you, and i'm a mess
i don't know why i'm not used to this already
it's the middle of january and it's bitter cold outside
this type of weather really gets to you

had to scrape the car windows this morning, that's why we rushed
you let me have one kiss before we had to go
i swear my lips got stuck to yours like a metal pole
i turned off the heat and drove away

you just got home and we kissed like usual
we hung out and talked about what to do for dinner
"fuck going out again, i already changed my pants"
"i really, really want to cook for you tonight"
Track Name: Maude/Mood Piece
it begins
we could collapse
in an instant
how do i maintain
how do i work this
i need something
to hold me down
my roots will dig
into your ground

all my skin
is draped over
my skeleton
like your coat
to a hanger
i've only just begun
to know how it feels
to exist inside
my own body
Track Name: Laughing Gas
i ran out of gas for getting the laughs
now life's just a stupid cliché
there's something to fill, i have a need to kill
all my closest friends and family

it's so bad
i'm so mad

i'm so sick and tired of feeling inspired
so now i just rot and decay
i run from the cops when i stab them a lot
and i think that i'm going insane

it's okay
no one really cares at all
so, why would you feel bad?

it's so sad
to know that
it's so bad
i'm so mad
it's so sad
Track Name: Blow Me Away
you think you're lovely, but you don't know
you don't know what you put me through
you barely know me

i can't fathom how i manage
i'd tape your mouth shut and go to bed
but that's not nice of me

under the mountains, down in the caves
under the muddy waters splashed away
there are my ancient relic bones
caught under heavy restraining blows
you blow me away

overloaded, shorted out
i cannot speak, i’m full of doubt
but don’t you doubt me

papers fly off the ninth floor
majesty i’ve never seen before
a contract over

i’ll be dead when i do away with you
i’ll kill myself and kill you too
you’ll be in heaven and i’ll be in hell
there is no difference far as i can tell
leave me be

i hope you get tied to the tracks
and two incoming trains collide
i hope you get drugged into a coma
and they bury you alive
i hope you die
Track Name: I Hope You Get The Job
i hope you get the job, i hope it all turns out okay
i hope you get the job, i hope you’ll be working someday
whether it be at a drugstore or the bay
i hope you get the job, i hope it all works out your way

i hope you make enough to not borrow from your parents
i hope you make enough to rent out your very own apartment
but if it helps, you could split it with your boyfriend
i hope you make enough to call yourself an “independent”

i know you’ll get the job because that’s just how good you are
i know you’ll get the job ‘cause you’re the most qualified by far
and even if it’s just stocking birthday cards
i know you’ll get the job and i know you’ll be a star
Track Name: Lonely Astronaut
i’m just another test subject
a subject no one learns about
i’ve always got to do my own thing
i’m always labeled as a reject, or a regret
a soggy mess at the bottom of the heap
just sitting there, rotting

i’m just a lonely astronaut
making do with the voices in my head
don’t worry, ‘cause you’ll never understand

sometimes i feel like the universe
was created by god while he was tripping on acid
or something like that
because it feels like a hallucination
everyday, in every way
it’s like we’re a living vision in his brain

i’m just a lonely astronaut
with a bag of googly eyes in the pocket of my pant
so that one day, i might just make a friend
and yes, i know you forgot all about me long ago
it really doesn’t bother me at all

living in perfect isolation
with no communication, i’m stranded
it’s like a permanent vacation
no more waiting at the bus station
i’m gonna die out here
and i’m feeling alright
Track Name: Dream Sequence
i am aware of this
i can feel everything
struggle to interact with it
focus on your breathing
weighed down a thousand pounds
demonic visitation
out-of-body experience
with all the cons of being in

nonsensical conversation
but a linear frustration
how do i get out of this?
i can’t stand to feel this
everything is toppling
presentiment blossoming
we need to wake up now
we need to wake up now
Track Name: Beauty As A Sliding Scale
i’m not beautiful, i know
at the very least, i’m trying
a faux-femininity
disgraceful and maligned, me
hidden pictures of a man
in a dress and always smiling
a built-in lens, convex
always skewed and not what i see

i try to make do, i pretend i’m you
but you don’t seem so interested
thought i found a way, you’ve nothing to say
guess you’re just weeding out the rest, then

miraculous ideal
flock of birds over the treeline
i’m caught and caged, no space
wingspan crippled, disregarded
having to use metaphors
to articulate the problem
starstruck empty rows of cars
revving endless to abandon

don’t know what to say, given up halfway
you burden my very existence
you threaten to maim, it’s always the same
and all i ask is your acceptance

i know a girl and i know her too well
she says she’s fine, but it never sells
no one ever thinks highly of her kind
and she’s always so hard on himself
Track Name: Selfless
you said it was you, not me
so, i’ll wait for you forever
i know you’d never lie to me
we could still have an ever-after

i’ve got nothing better to do
than waste away my existence
i’m yours to utterly destroy
absolutely no resistance
Track Name: Ignorant
i don’t care what the others think of me
i don’t know what their problem is with me
i don’t have eyes, i can’t see
i can’t see them roll theirs at me

i can’t seem to bear it all
can someone dance me into the hospital
if only young bodies could burst into flames
i’d not have to feel the impending shame

not today
not today

i don’t care what you have to say
it is not interesting
i don’t have the time for these
mirror chats and redundancies

not today
not today
Track Name: Somewhere To Stay
was a little girl, in a little house
with a little nose, in a little blouse
with a tiny mind, in a tiny town
with a tiny job, making tiny count
with so little time, and so little life
all these little things slit by little knife
was a tiny girl, in a tiny house
with a tiny nose, in a tiny blouse

this all means so much to me
this is all too much for me
this is caged and can’t break free
this is manged and stray and green

i’m a tiny mouse, with tiny problems abound
with tiny tools to fix up my tiny house
with a miniature wrench, and a miniature smile
set of miniature teeth that glow for miniature miles
there’s so little to do, so little stress of mind
‘cept for that little girl who has so little time
the microscopic dust, microscopic life
is microscopic love, microscopic trite

this don’t mean too much to me
this is not enough for me
this is strong and just broke free
this is safe and calm as can be

don’t know who you want to be
can’t say what you want to see
struck with insecurity
freshness of the mind to be

listing things to bottomfeed
listing things sucks energy
rather list my lists to be
this world has nothing for me
Track Name: Tornado Warning
woke up, breakfast in bed
pills for your aching head
broke through, stepped outside
it had nothing to hide

this moth, the day
it won’t go away
this moth, taken aback
mid-air heart attack

ooh, it was looking for you
ooh, it wanted to know you

ooh, the sky was whispering
ooh, the tide was whimpering

woke up much too early
the lake was glistening, pearly
made coffee, too bitter, too harsh
waited to be pulled apart

disfigured fish
all thrown back in
no attention